Sync Burn Fitness Band Helps Us Keep Our Resolutions
Guilaine Jean-Pierre | Jan 5, 2015
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It is that time of year again; we have all made those resolutions - lose weight. The Sync Burn Fitness Band might be the gadget that helps us keep our resolution. The Band is a wearable fitness tracker, one with a wrist strap so you can wear it like a watch. For what it’s worth, this one takes a slightly different approach than most of its competitors. Instead of focusing on steps taken (although it does track those), the main feature of the Sync Burn Fitness Band is its calories burned tracker. The device will track that information by using your heart rate and intensity of motion (as measured by a three-axis digital accelerometer). The heart rate monitor is said to be ECG-accurate, and, over a 24-hour period, the device will use a proprietary algorithm to try to suss out how many calories you burned that day according to the data collected.

Besides that, you’ll get the standard stuff – steps taken, heart rate, and distance traveled. The watch has a 7-day memory, but all of that information can be migrated over to the MapMyFitness iOS app over a Bluetooth connection (it’s Bluetooth 4.0 compatible). The app is meant to foster a sharing community, to encourage everyone to keep working towards their fitness goals.

The device itself is easy enough to read – it has a large dot-matrix display for showing graphs, charts, and data. The screen is made of mineral glass, so it’ll be able to take at least a decent beating and not break on you.

Chip Chick Staff |Aug 1, 2013
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Sync Burn Fitness Band

The SYNC Burn fitness band takes calorie burn tracking to a whole new level. This heart rate powered, calorie-burn tracker blends a person’s ECG accurate heart rate along with their intensity of motion to calculate a truer 24-hour read. This process enables SYNC to capture accurate caloric burn rates during various levels of physical activities as well as sedentary time periods. Additionally, the SYNC Burn:

  1. Tracks all-day data, including calories burned, distance traveled and steps taken
  2. Showcases hourly, daily and weekly accomplishments in bar chart form on the band
  3. Transfers data wirelessly to MapMyFitness via Bluetooth® Smart technology

Discover how a band can help you accomplish your fitness goals.