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Guilaine Jean-Pierre | Mar 23, 2015
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This article will discuss the Smart IoT Stroller developed at the 2014 PDX-Transportation Hackathon hosted by Intel, and show you how to make a Smart IoT Stroller on your own. The stroller features an Intel® Edison board, automatic braking system, turn signals, data synchronization to the cloud, and an Android* app for pulling data from the cloud.

Motivation for the Smart IoT stroller came from a YouTube* video of a baby stroller falling off the edge of a train loading platform onto the tracks below. This spurred research into how technology can help prevent these events from occurring in the future. The main intent of this project was to prevent runaway strollers; however, given the simplicity of the design, additional features were added throughout the development process to enrich a parent’s strolling experience.

Whenever the parent lets go of the stroller’s handlebar the front wheel locks preventing it from rolling away. Once the parent touches the handlebar the lock on the front wheel disengages and the stroller is free to move. The turn signals on the Smart IoT Stroller are LED strips that toggle while active. However, when both are activated at the same time, both LED strips remain illuminated and do not toggle to indicate braking. Data is uploaded to the cloud via the Intel Edison board’s on-board WI-Fi* and allows parents to access the strolling trip information stored in the cloud at a later time from their smartphones.

Select this link to follow the instructions to build your own stroller.

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