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Tom Conroy | Jan 8, 2015
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Daily Companion

Daily Companion’s suite of healthcare applications has been developed to provide our seniors with daily reminders and notifications to keep them healthy and safe. My Life is the heart and soul of Daily Companion. It keeps you active and alert to your daily health requirements, while also providing critical health information to EMTs in the event of an emergency. Below are some of its important applications:

- Critical Health Information Profile (CHIP) Application

The Critical Health Information Profile (CHIP) stores and displays your vital health information on your Base Station and Smartphone for paramedics when a crisis arises. No longer do paramedics have to search the home for pill jars and health information. It’s right there in front of them! This special feature includes: (1) Personal Contact Information including your primary doctor, pharmacy and emergency contacts, (2) Medical History including recent health status, chronic diseases, illnesses, operations, and treatments, (3) Allergies and Reactions including immunizations, (4) Medications and prescriptions, and (5) Fax capability allowing paramedics to fax the information to the receiving hospital before you arrive.

- Wellness and Medical Reminder Application

'Remind' is the Wellness and Medication Reminder application. The application provides daily pop-up screens to help remind you of important daily wellness and medication events such as scheduled medication intake or performance, drink water, eat meals, snacks, walk dog, park visit and special events such as birthdays, anniversaries or doctor visits and many more.

- Nurse-On-Call application

Nurse on Call: For any questions about health, seniors can press a button and get instant access to a registered nurse who can help them with questions regarding their health.

Other applications included in My Life are: ‘Company’ contact information, and ‘I.D.’ the ability to leave your own personal message and snapshot for the CHIP.

The Emergency Communications System (ECS)

Daily Companion’s TeleCare System comes with an Emergency Communication System (ECS) that is second to none. The ECS is composed of three critically important healthcare applications: (1) The Call 911 to Call Center App and (2) the Emergency Notification System App and (3) the extractable CHIP memory stick.

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Learn about The First Telecare System
Learn about The Daily Companion

Daily Companion is a revolutionary system designed to help promote and protect the health of seniors, the disabled, medically challenge and anyone who desires the safety and security of knowing that emergency help is on the way... anytime... anywhere.

Uniting personal healthcare apps with a medical alert system to keep you healthy, safe & secure 24/7
What is The Daily Companion?

Daily Companion is a patented, all-in-one ‘TeleCare’ system that unites personalized daily healthcare applications with an advanced medical alert system to keep you safe and secure.

The first ‘TeleCare’ system designed to provide paramedics instant access to your vital health information.
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Daily Companion is a patented, all-in-one ‘TeleCare’ system that unites personalized daily healthcare applications with an advanced medical alert system to keep you safe and secure.

Developed for the masses – A super-simple Home Base Station for our senior loved ones who are technology averse, and specialized mobile applications for iOS and Android phone users.

The 1st Personal TeleCare System.